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Warren Rivera?

Training i.D.E.A., LLC has provided training for individuals with extensive and diverse education and backgrounds.  Warren has spoken to parents at local community meetings about ways to safeguard their prescriptions and identify potential abuse in family members.  He has also traveled throughout the country to train medical professionals, instructing them how to remain compliant with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and how to identify abuse and diversion.  Law enforcement has also benefited from Warren's training and his extensive experience in conducting drug diversion investigations including cases targeting on-line pharmacies and pill mills.

Training i.D.E.A., LLC's audiences addressed by Warren Rivera typically include, but are not limited to:

    *Members of Law Enforcement

    *DEA Registrants 

    *Medical Community and Healthcare Practitioners

    *Education Professionals and Students in related fields

    *Treatment and Prevention Professionals

    *Community Civic Organizations

    *Concerned citizens and parents

    *Companies and organizations who have identified a need to increase awareness for personal or professional reasons

A popular topic of training offered by Training i.D.E.A., LLC is aimed at practitioners and focuses on how they can remain compliant and utilize best practice methods according to DEA policy and procedures.

Warren Rivera's area of expertise is public speaking and providing education about the prescription drug abuse epidemic and how it is related to the recent surge in heroin abuse.  

Warren's training provides an overview of the prescription drug abuse epidemic and investigative methods pertaining to the illegal diversion of pharmaceuticals.  

Other training topics include drug abuse demand reduction, street drugs, and emerging trends such as synthetic and designer drugs. 

Training i.D.E.A., LLC also offers training and consultation to healthcare practitioners and other registrants about DEA regulatory matters. 

Training i.D.E.A., LLC can customize the training subject matter to your specific needs.

(Warren Rivera at speaking

engagements in 2015.)

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