After meeting Warren Rivera for the first time at a Prescription Drug Abuse Conference, I immediately recognized that he was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching others the dangers of prescription drug abuse. I approached Warren and asked if he would speak at the launch of my Foundation and he readily agreed.  After my son died from a prescription drug overdose in 2009, I started The Jeremy Traylor Foundation (Txt2Tell), a non-profit organization to raise awareness of the dangers of prescription drugs and to prevent prescription drug overdoses. Warren’s involvement was greatly appreciated as he helped deliver the message of my foundation. Warren’s knowledge and passion will enhance any group or organization trying to raise awareness about this epidemic.  His ability to relay his knowledge on this subject is highly effective and reaches all people, whether law enforcement, medical personnel or a typical lay person.  His delivery not only reaches the mind, but the hearts of his listeners.  I have been so honored to work with him in these endeavors.  I admire Warren’s efforts to follow his passion with Training i.D.E.A, LLC after retiring from his DEA career.  I highly recommend his services for any forums who need training in the areas related to drug abuse, prevention and the diversion of prescription drugs. 

Melissa Traylor, CEO, The Jeremy Traylor Foundation, Txt2Tell


I have had the great pleasure of working with Warren Rivera for many years in educating physicians and other healthcare providers about the appropriate prescribing and management of prescription controlled substances.  Warren is a great speaker for clinical and healthcare audiences. Warren understands that some patients truly benefit from prescribed controlled substances and that the trick is to have these medications available to those that need it and “play by the rules” in healthcare while preventing diversion of these medications into the wrong hands. Warren shows how that can be reasonably done by every prescriber. Warren also brings his wealth of experiences to every presentation or encounter. Whether talking about the hills of Columbia or the streets of New Orleans, he always gives clinicians sound advice and information that they can apply to their own practices. Over the years, I have called Warren for his advice on very difficult cases. He always gives me great advice that allows me to do better and what I am supposed to be doing in the first place, which is be a doctor, caring for patients in pain and suffering.

Mordecai N. Potash, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Tulane University School of Medicine Board Certified in Pain Medicine, Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine


I am the New Orleans Chapter Chairman of the AFFNA (Association of Former Federal Narcotics Agents). I have had many opportunities to meet with and cooperate with Warren through his years in the DEA New Orleans Field Division. I have heard him give presentations on drug enforcement related subjects and found him to be well prepared, great presenter and ready and able for the inevitable questions. He understands the laws & regulations thoroughly and how to control the problem. Warren is tremendously knowledgeable in this area. He is a great manager and great presenter on these issues. My impression of Warren is not just from my occasional meetings or joint projects, but from my information derived from those who worked with him in the DEA. I wholeheartedly endorse Warren for any services related to drug diversion, drug control solutions, drug trafficking or drug abuse.

Harold C. Patin, CPP, CAS, CEO, Global Security Consultants, Metairie, LA


Warren is a person of great character who is an effective communicator with great presentation skills.  I have known Warren throughout his DEA career on a personal and professional level and I can attest to his outstanding accomplishments as he rose from street agent to Assistant Special Agent in Charge.   Warren possesses an uncanny ability to relay his knowledge and experience as a consultant and trainer. I congratulate him on pursuing his passion of imparting to others his knowledge of DEA’s mission. I highly endorse him and encourage everyone with the opportunity to hear him speak.

George Cazenavette III, DEA (Retired) Chief Inspector, Special Agent in Charge (New Orleans & Seattle Divisions)


Louisiana Teen Challenge has enjoyed a five-year relationship with Warren Rivera. Over the course of that time, we have noticed his dedication, commitment and drive in educating others about the drug epidemic in our state. Louisiana Teen Challenge’s relationship with Warren on a personal and professional level has been very beneficial to our organization.

  Greg Dill, CEO, Louisiana Teen Challenge


After working closely with Warren in Los Angeles for several years, I can attest to his professionalism, dedication, experience and enthusiasm. Warren’s knowledge of DEA and prescription drug abuse is invaluable to all levels of law enforcement and medical professionals. Anyone interested in learning more about prescription drugs or any other DEA subject matter will benefit from his training and I highly recommend it.

Clay Searle, Owner,  Policetraining.net


The loss of our own son to a prescription drug overdose led me to organize a Candle Light Vigil for Drug Awareness and Prevention at UNO in 2009.  Special Agent Warren Rivera spoke to an audience of grieving parents, addiction specialists, various organizations involved in rehabilitation, and Narcotics Officers from every parish in & around the Greater N.O. Area.  His presentation was not only filled with educative substance drawn from his many years of service in the DEA, but was delivered with the clarity and zeal of one whose heart is filled with passion in his mission.  I congratulate him as he continues that mission in the founding of i.D.E.A. Training.

Carol Fazzio, Scott’s Mom


Carol Fazzio, Warren Rivera, and WWLTV New Orleans News Anchor Sally-Ann Roberts at the Candle Light Vigil for Drug Awareness and Prevention (2009) 

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