Innovative Drug Education Advisor

Training i.D.E.A., LLC was founded by retired Drug Enforcement Administration Assistant Special Agent in Charge Warren Rivera.  "After witnessing firsthand the devastating destruction drug abuse has caused our country, I believe I can have a greater impact combating this epidemic by crossing from the enforcement side to the educational side.  I want to raise awareness to end the diversion of pharmaceuticals and the heroin abuse that statistically follows.  I can help professionals identify abusers so they can get the intervention they need, instead of another refill or switching to a street drug."

This consulting company was founded to teach about the most commonly abused drugs, methods of pharmaceutical drug diversion, how to recognize a drug abuser, and provide guidance about DEA regulations and DEA's role in healthcare. 

For healthcare practitioners specifically, Warren Rivera has identified an oversight in medical training with regard to the policies of the Drug Enforcement Administration beyond obtaining a registration number.  Therefore, Training i.D.E.A., LLC provides clarification regarding improper prescribing practices from a DEA regulatory standpoint as well as how to stay compliant with DEA policies to avoid fines, revocation of registration, and other penalties. 

Warren Rivera

innovative Drug Education Advisor

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